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Selecting a Float

With the huge range of shapes and sizes available, float selection can be a baffling topic. Luckily, there are a few easy steps to follow in choosing the correct float.
1) Understand the difference between River and Still Water floats.
2) Choose the correct diameter float for the conditions.
3) Choose the correct size of float for the conditions.

Shotting Patterns

Shotting Patterns

Split shots are an essential tool when float fishing. By placing them in different positions on the line, the angler can greatly modify his bait presentation. Once a float fisherman understands how the different shotting patterns work, he can effectively cover nearly any spot in a river. The ultimate goal in shotting is to achieve the most natural drift and bait presentation possible at the required depth. The key is to understand how the various shotting patterns affect the speed at which the bait will reach depth and how the bait will be affected by the current once it is at depth.
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