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Float Fishing for Carp

Anyone who has caught a carp by accident, probably thought it was the largest trout, muskie or pike they have ever hooked. Few anglers have had any luck targeting them seriously, as they refuse virtually all baits and bolt away at the first sign of trouble. However, will a little preparation and the right approach, carp fishing can be extremely successful. Using the same delicate floats and light lines that we use for steelhead, we've had some phenomenally successful days.


How to Rig a Float

The key to success when using river floats is to rig them "top and bottom".  This allows the line to be held above or on the surface of the water, ensuring that the float can be properly controlled. Rigging floats "top and bottom" requires a small but essential piece of tackle called a float cap.  A float cap is silicone tubing that is available in various diameters and colours, either pre-cut or in longer lengths to be cut to size as required.  The float cap should have a slightly smaller diameter opening than the stem of the float, so that it holds the float firmly in place.

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