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Steel in the Snow

Steel in the Snow

Are you like most sitting around during winter dreaming of a FISH ONLINE? While most lakes have nothing but thin ice many anglers don't know what to target this time of year. They assume that even though most steelhead streams are free of ice at this time of year that steelhead cease their migration due to the cold. However on a warm December such as the one we are having many fresh steelhead continue to run with many early fall drop backs mixed in.

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In fact diehard steelheaders can target bows all winter long. However there is a catch involved in this winter dream. In order to hook into winter steel you will need to target slower moving sections of your favorite streams. This is due to the very cold water which forces them rest.

As for baits roe will still work on the fresh moving fish while the drop backs tend to move for alternatives such as trout worms, tube jigs, flies such as Wooly Buggers, and a recent bait to our tributaries pink plastic worms. There's a time and a place for each one these and I'll leave it up to you to discover this aspect, hey my buddies would snag me if I gave all our secrets away.

If you find local tribs are frozen don't fret. there are actually a few places with year round open water that offer good winter steelhead. Some of these places include the Niagara River, the Lakeview Generating Station, the Pickering Nuke Plant, and even many of the piers along Lake Ontario offer great steelheading if you time it right.

Well I have to go now, some guys fishing my pool and I know there's some fish in it.

Keith Oliphant aka Humber Kid

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