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Rules For Maximizing The Success

I am writing my fishing journals as a special thanks to Kris from Fish OnLine. I asked Kris to tell me something I didn’t know about fishing. So he did and I was impressed because it opened the door for me to much better fishing. I hope he does the same for you. How good fisherman are you? Can you go to a strange lake and show some fish? If you can’t you can still fish like the best if you seek a little information.

Fishing today is quite different than it was a quarter century ago but the principals are the same. Back then, I heard of this lake that was 1st class for lake trout. Located northwest of Lake Superior only few hours from Manitoba border.

When we arrived I was impressed because on the wall of the lodge was this lake trout about 55 lbs if not more. I had to ask the owner of the lodge if he had anything to do with bringing it in and he said yes but, confessed that he found it on the shore.

I thanked him for this honesty and marveled at the size of the fish one last time then started to think of the potential of this lake. While we were making our boat arrangements for the next couple days, I tried to get as much information as possible about fishing there, since they were the only lodge on this lake. But fishing information was restrictive unless I hired their guide. Again I thanked him and left to set up camp.

That evening about up to 200 feet away there was a bonfire much bigger then ours and the noise emanating from it was equally as big, so I decided to see what the noise was about. When I got there I saw about eight 24s of beer and two groups with their heavy southern accent - our neighbors from way down south of the border. They offered us a beer, we accepted, and the noise did not seem as loud anymore. Since they were in a more talkative mood, we listened. They started out by saying that they’ve been coming up here for fifteen years because the fishing is so good here.

- What do you use?- I asked. He answered if you have a Mepps size 2-3 with a fiery look that’s all you will need. I felt at ease because a had a few. I then asked where they were fishing. He answered:
- When you fellows are still sleeping we’ll be fishing on the far side of the lake. When you ready to fish, come and join us, it’s a good spot.
We finished the beer, I thanked them for their hospitality and returned to our bonfire, thinking:
- Fat chance you’re going to be up before us

The next morning at the break of dawn I woke up to the sound of buddies’ outboard motor starting as they headed out to go fishing. Quickly I woke up the others; we had our coffee and headed out about half an hour after buddies. When we arrived at their fishing hole they had two lake trout - a nine and six pounder.

As I was reaching for a Mepps, I was checking out the underwater terrain. The water was very clear and I was on top of a point that extended a couple hundred yards from the shore. The depth was up to fifteen feet from the surface and the point dropped off in either side by another fifteen feet. The width of this point was about fifty feet. This was the last week of open season in September and most of the signs looked right close to shore, near one sweet structure, but the water could have used more chop. All this meant that the fish spooked easier and they were more sensitive to sight and sound.

I started casting. It took me over half an hour of casting before I caught a lake trout about five pounds - a nice looking fish and excellent for eating. Buddies’ boat left and we soon followed but to a neighboring lake via a rail portage. It was the only entry into a smaller back lake. Never have I seen before a few pike simultaneously attacking a surface lure from different directions.

So my surprise a slow moving flat fish did the job. In all reality anything you then into the water did the job, with or without hooks.

Before long, we had enough of hook removed and headed back to base camp. Crossing the main lake, conditions quickly changed and we found ourselves battling six foot waves in a sixteen footer with a twenty horse engine and a motor that conked out a number of times before we got back to the camp. It was a stressful situation that came about unannounced. Fishing can be fun if you have good gear to minimize the downside.

Author with Lake Simcoe jumbo perch

Author with Lake Simcoe jumbo perch

Key tips:
1. Information, information, information - the three golden rules for maximizing the success.
2. Do some homework before the trip. I called the lodge and was told to come the week we did. The timing was right. Do not underestimate the potential of the elements on a larger body of water. High winds and large waves are often a reality. On smaller lakes the same dangers are not present, but being prepared with warm clothes and clothes that keep you dry is a good idea.

Alfred Medkiewicz

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