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Perfecting Perch

On other occasions their shy and delicate strikes can only be experienced through a mormyshka rod and its exceptional sensitivity. Being versatile in approaching perch fishing is key. Sometimes a specific action or colour will agitate schools and similar to a light switch the action is turned on instantly.

As much fun as they are to catch, the most enjoyable aspect of perch is in chewing it's light and flaky, tender and tasty white meat.  Who ever said "Practice breeds Perfection" must of been talking about perch fishing and cleaning. 

Fish Recipes

After gutting and cleaning the perch from it's slime and blood concentrations. Spread out the specimens on newspaper in order to air dry them. Try using non colour pages and place the fish on its side, meat upwards. You can also pat them dry with the use of paper towels. Moistness ruins meat quality and should be eliminated before cooking or freezing. During the summer, you should hang cleaned fish from a tree so they can drip all the excess water. But be aware of the wasps that actually eat pieces of meat when unattended. 

Don't think of cleaning fish as a chore. It can be intensely interesting as you compete against yourself and improve your skill level. It's fun to experience progress, and in a short while you are left with a meatless skeleton.

Fish Recipes

There are different ways of preparing and filleting perch.  Butterfly, de-boned with scales left on and fully filleted are some of the favourites.  I prefer leaving the scales on as they trap the flavour and cooked precisely are left crunchy.  When making the rib incision on the spineless side, try cutting a bout 1cm underneath all the ribs and using a sturdy shrimp peeling grip rip out its entirety.  When done correctly minimum meat is left on the ribs. 

Fish Cooking

Beat an egg and milk into a frothy and bubble filled mixture, and spread Fish Crisp onto a plate for coating.  I thoroughly recommend the triple dipped tasty technique for extreme flavour and crisp factor.  Let the fish sit in the egg/milk for maximum absorption, place the piece meat side down and gently pat for even distribution of flavour.  Dip and repeat, leaving the meat coated with layers of batter.  Cook the meat side first for a short duration, and the scaled side for a while longer.  Adding lime and cayenne provides differently delicious results. 

Przemek Zalinski aka WiSHiN_i_WuZ_FiShiN

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