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Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Luck can be summarized as a supernatural force that brings good fortune or adversity through the events or circumstances that occur for or against an individual.  Luck appears in business, love, life, sports and casino games that all involve risk and gamble.  Bad, good, or no luck along with irony are all examples.  Destiny and karma play a vital role, which help shape occurrences. In all stages of life or sports everyone experiences beginner's luck.  Some people are more lucky than others in different fields.

Are Donald Trump, Michael Schumacher and Lance Armstrong lucky in triumph consistently?  They all share skillful experience, dedication and the necessary tools in order to succeed.  A big success factor in the angling culture relies on luck. 

Luck plays a vital role in most sports.  Hockey players are usually superstitious during playoffs and follow the same routine, stop shaving in hopes of bringing good outcomes.   In poker, players often experience a lucky successful rush or a chip wasting tilt pattern.   In fishing, most have lucky clothing, locations, lures, baits or an approach that always delivers and they swear and live by it.  Lucky spots are likely to support cover, structure, cold inlets and food existing in perfect harmony. 

Luck appears in different shapes, sizes and colours.  The most common ones include bad, good and none at all.  Irony is an example of awkward luck, in most cases its negative and funny.  Bad luck can be described by Sigmund Freud's statement "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong."  This relates from the smallest details to the biggest factors that prevent you to fish successfully.  From sleeping in, bad coffee, traffic, line tangles, no action,  poor hook sets, bad weather and losing fish consistently.  Good luck happens in a form where every miniscule thing just flows your way perfectly and its extreme equation, result in you smiling and loving life, with an once in a lifetime fishing experience.  No luck happens most of the time, seems neutral and is less stressful than bad, but worse than good. 

Being lucky in fishing includes finding hungry and/or aggressive school of fish and through proper presentation catching some, most or all specimens.  Luck can take place in perfectly adjusting match the hatch, or getting the right type action lure on the very few first attempts.  Luck can occur in stumbling on a pristine creek, brook or river, untouched, unlittered and full of its majestic glory.  Luck can happen when experimenting and actually discovering something so unusual that it works.  It  can also emerge when one is fighting a large specimen, yet avoiding by mere inches the numerous obstacles and dangers of losing a fish.  When you net/beach a biggie and the hook simply pops out just at the time of capture.  

Is Lance Armstrong such a super athlete that he remains a champion through consecutive seasons?  His bigger than average heart helps him supply muscles with more oxygen than most, his dedicated motivation helped him overcome monstrous obstacles such as cancer.  Is he just lucky?  All these tools helped him become a winner in life.  Donald Trump declared bankruptcy several times, but through taking risks with the helpful educated guesses, motivation and hard work he succeeded.  Is Michael Schumacher lucky in possessing the right skill, right machine and the right crew?

Is it luck? Or do some anglers develop an extra sense for fishing.  Making the right decisions, encountering different situations and yet they consistently prevail.  Finding themselves night fishing during a clear full moon, fishing the deep, shaded areas, right barometric pressures, west winds or before a cold front?   Are some anglers just lucky or are they hiding secretive information from the rest of us?  What about those times were a few anglers follow the same procedure during the same time using same approach and yet some get a personal encounter with Peppe Le Pew?  With knowledge, one doesn't have to rely on luck in order to be prosperous.  A supernatural force which is beyond our comprehension works with or against our attempts.  Regardless of luck, this sport is appropriately named fishing, not catching.  In the words of a famous UK DJ Scooter "How much is the fish" and "The chase is better than the catch" we all should be putting more focus on the beautiful surroundings and how lucky we really are to have an opportunity for angling different species in different seasons.  Next time someone wishes you "Good luck"  tell them "I'm lucky enough to go fishing, cause I'm always wishing!"

Przemek Zalinski

Przemek "Shompz" Zalinski aka WiSHiN_i_WuZ_FiShiN

Last modified onTuesday, 22 October 2013 20:35