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Half Rods Will Travel

Half Rods Will Travel

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more frustrating than arriving at your fishing destination, opening your rod tube and empting out a pile of material that looks a lot more like kindling than your prized fishing rods. 

While many of us may be inclined to blame the rod manufacturer, I would suggest that you look in the mirror - because more often than not, it ain't the rod or the folks that built it that are to blame.


Fishing/Golfing Trip To Deerhurst

When an opportunity arose for the first time in quite awhile for our entire family to spend vacation together we jumped at the opportunity and began planning. The timing was perfect - the first week of September when my wife Loretta and I could both get off work, my oldest son Tyler who is now finished university was off before he joins the full-time work force, and my youngest son Izaak was available before he goes to university next year. Where would we go… and what would we do though?

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